The Booking Terms and FAQ

Acceptance of the below conditions is implied when a booking is made and this constitutes the limit of our liability. It is assumed that the lead booker has directed all guests to this page.


-  If you send us an enquiry, we will send one follow up email within a reasonable timeframe. 

The Prices

-  Prices are subject to change until receipt of the €100 booking fee.

-  If numbers drop below 10, the price is higher than those on the website.

-  If there are 15 or more guests, the bride is free for the Party Package.

-  If you book for 15+ but your numbers drop to 14 or less, the bride’s fee will have to be covered for the Party Package

-  “Bride goes free” for 15+ guests does not apply to standalone activities.

-  “Bride goes free” for 15+ guests does not apply to accommodation for Hens at Home, but it does for Hens in the Sun.

-  If you book for certain numbers and then drop, you may move into another pricing bracket.

The €100 Booking Fee

-  Payment of the €100 Booking Fee does not mean that the booking is confirmed.

-  Posh Fizz will begin the booking process on receipt of the €100 booking fee and the signed Booking Form. We will email the Booking Form to you when you have decided on your package.

-  The booking fee will be subtracted from the lead booker’s final balance.

-  The booking fee will only be refunded in full if there is no availability. Apart from a lack of availability, the booking fee is used to cover administrative work and is non refundable in all cases.

-  Please note that if you are booking a Party Package within 4 weeks of the event or a standalone activity within 2 weeks of the event, we require a €100 booking fee and then full payment on receipt of the confirmation Invoice.

Your Booking

- With the €100 booking fee safe in the Posh Fizz HQ, we will book your party and then email an invoice and itinerary to you as confirmation of availability and your booking.

The Balance

-  Final payment is due into Posh Fizz HQ 4 weeks prior to the event (2 weeks for a standalone activity)

-  Party Package bookings made within 4 weeks of the event require a €100 booking fee and then full payment on receipt of the confirmation Invoice.

-  Standalone Activity bookings made within 2 weeks of the event require a €100 booking fee and then full payment on receipt of the confirmation Invoice.

-  If payment is not received in full by the deadline, there will be a surcharge of €5 per day that it remains unpaid.

The Payments

-  Payment of the €100 booking fee can be made by Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Debit Card, Revolut or PayPal.

-  For the balance, acceptable payment methods are:

1. One Lump Sum (i.e. lead booker collects all the money and then pays Posh Fizz) via bank transfer, lodgement, debit card, credit card, revolut or PayPal.

-   Payments made via Paypal, debit card or credit card, will incur admin fees (with the exception of the initial €100 booking fee).

2. Individual Payments (payable via bank transfer, lodgement, debit card, credit card or revolut) will incur up to €5pp admin fees.

-  Details will all be on the Invoice

-  Guests cannot pay in installments, so please advise everyone to just their balance pay in one lump sum.

-  Bookings cannot be processed without a postal address being held on file, until the balance has been paid in full.


- Cancellations made after full payment are non-refundable. In the case of death or serious illness of one of the guests or her immediate family member (parent, sibling, child or significant other), a death certificate / doctor’s note will be required in order for us to try and get any money back from suppliers. We must be advised of death / serious illness at least three working days before the event by email & can not guarantee any refunds but we will try our best.

-  If the party is cancelled prior to the balance deadline, the only loss to the group is the €100 booking fee paid.

-  If the party is unpaid and subsequantly cancelled after the balance payable deadline, you will be liable for 50% late cancellation charges.

Hen Gear

- Hen gear may not be allowed in certain venues. We will advise you of any restrictions prior to booking. We will always do our best to inform you of any changes between the booking and the event and will amend your booking where neccesary. However, if you have been told of restrictions in advance, book the package and then choose to wear hen gear, Posh Fizz will not accept responsibility for subsequent action taken by venues.


-  Under no circumstances will it be deemed acceptable for Posh Fizz staff to be on the receivable end of abusive phonecalls. We will just cancel the party, regardless of how close the party is.

On the Day

-  The itinerary is given to you as soon as the €100 booking fee is paid and bookings are confirmed, so you have plenty of time to plan the day. It is assumed that you will arrive on time for everything that has been booked.

-  If you are late for an activity, the activity provider may have to cut parts of the activity out to fit in with their schedule and the room hire. If you are 15 minutes or more late, the activity will be cancelled with no refund. 

-  If you are late for your evening meal, the restaurant may cut a course in order to keep their kitchen and restaurant schedule flowing. There will be no refund if you are late and this happens.

-  If you run into a problem on the day, it is essential that you TEXT the emergency number at the time, so we can rectify the situation. Complaints received after the hen party will be treated as feedback.  

Hen Party Etiquette

-  We are sure that you are a great bunch of girls and are out to have a load of fun! There is absolutely no problem with a couple of social drinks! It is a hen after all. To ensure the enjoyment of your day, please note the following:

   1. Arrive on time as a group

   2. Pace yourselves … it's a long day

   3. Listen to the activity facilitator

   4. On the day, if you think that some of the girls would prefer to sit in the pub drinking or chatting, let them at it. They will only ruin the activity for everyone else if they don’t want to be there.

   5. Be polite to the staff … their aim is to make sure you have fun

-  Please ensure that ALL your chicks arrive on time and together. If you are running late, please text Posh Fizz so that the facilitators can alter the activity accordingly if necessary. Groups of women are ALWAYS late, so aim to be there at least 15 minutes early to be safe or at least 30 minutes early if you want to purchase drinks. For every 5 minutes late you are as a group, the team may have to cut a section of your activity out. If the activity has started and anyone arrives 15 minutes or more into it, it is up to the activity provider as to whether they can partake or not. If there is no word from the group 15 minutes into your allotted time slot, the activity providers will leave and you will have forfeited your activity.

-  If the activity providers deem some individuals to be too intoxicated to partake, the activity will be stopped for safety purposes i.e. safety of the group, the facilitators and / or the equipment. The lead booker will then be given the choice of a) asking those that are too drunk to leave or b) getting everyone to leave.

-  Verbal or physical abuse of our staff or staff in any of our venues will not be tolerated under any circumstances. If this happens, the facilitator has been instructed to contact Posh Fizz and the Gardai where deemed appropriate. Depending on how bad it is, we may then cancel anything else that you have booked with us, as we will not send an abusive group to our restaurants, clubs, etc. 

-  Cancelation on the day due to lateness and / or disorderly behaviour is 100% up to the discretion of the activity provider(s) on the day. 

-  There will be no refund if the activity is cancelled for any of these reasons. 

-  In the unlikely event of damages being caused, the client will be held responsible.



About Posh Fizz

1. How do I know that Posh Fizz is safe in the current environment?

Posh Fizz has been running successfully since 2006. As the first company in Ireland to provide this service, we have an average of 10 hen bookings every weekend, with the exception of Christmas & New Year when we are busy with our corporate bookings. We are not going anywhere!

2. What if any of the suppliers you use go out of business?

In this unusual situation, we would provide the best alternative we can source or a full refund – it’s your decision.

3. What is the benefit of booking through Posh Fizz?

-  Only a €100 booking fee, which is taken off the final balance

-  No need for the Lead Booker to collect any money as everyone can pay individually

-  Great locations

-  Bride goes free for groups of 15 or more doing the Party Package

-  Awesome activity choice and standard of activities

-  Unrivaled customer service

4. But I have seen a similar package for less elsewhere. Surely this is better value than Posh Fizz?

You may well be able to get a cheaper package elsewhere, but remember these points:

-  We use 4* accommodation or really good 3* options. We never ever put you in poor accommodationin the middle of nowhere, hostels, etc!

-  We use really great restaurants with great food & include wine / cocktails in the package. If you prefer 2 courses, finger food or no alcohol, we can of course decrease the price for you!

-  We are 100% flexible & have no problems looking after people with different requirements.

-  We only use reputable suppliers. Yes there are cheaper providers, but if they don’t have insurance, good quality equipment, etc, we don’t use them. We never put our clients in physical danger or with a sub standard activity provider.

-  We don’t just put your name on a guest list for a club / restaurant, your nightclub entrance & meals are prepaid.

The list goes on and our most important promise to you is that every single attendee will leave the hen knowing they got an amazing deal. We absolutely offer you amazing value and the girls will definitely still be talking about what a fab time was had when they meet again at the wedding!

Initial Enquiry Stage

5. When you send me a proposal, does this mean that there is availability?

The initial proposals sent to you are just to give you more info on the package. Once we receive the €100 Booking Fee and your signed Booking Form, we will check availability and make the booking for you.


6. What can you tell me about the venues that Posh Fizz uses?

Apart from the hotel name, venue names will not be disclosed at the enquiry stage. The reason for this is that many venues do not wish to be known as “hen” locations & Posh Fizz does also not act as a free directory for suppliers. Once the deposit is received, we will then be in a position to provide more details & will refund you in full if for some reason you are not happy. This has never happened, as Posh Fizz only uses reputable venues and suppliers. If we were to use somewhere that was not up to scratch, it would be all over the online wedding forums & we’d be out of business so we pride ourselves on finding great venues for you! What we can confirm is we only use our valued and trusted suppliers that we have been using for the last number of years!

How to Book

7. What details do we have to provide to make a booking?

We require a €100 booking fee via credit, debit card, Revolut, PayPal or EFT, a postal address and relevant information for your booking eg dates, max numbers, activity choice, etc. This will all be on the booking form!

How to Pay

8. Can each guest pay separately?

Yes! We will send you a breakdown of costs for this option. Or you can choose to collect the money and pay the balance over in one lump sum.

If you plan to pay in one lump sum via online banking, make sure to set the Posh Fizz account up as a beneficiary at least 1 week in advance of the payment date.

If you drop into another price category, we do understand that this is frsutrating for you, but please remember we are not to blame for people letting you down! The difference in prices will still have to be paid.

9. When do payments need to be paid?

The booking fee of €100 must be made as soon as you decide to book, as Posh Fizz will not book or hold anything until that is received. The balance is payable 4 weeks in advance of the party (2 weeks before if you just book a standalone activity).

If you are booking within 4 weeks for a Party Package or 2 weeks for a standalone activity, the balance must be paid in full on receipt of the Confirmstion Invoice.

10. Will you provide a receipt for payment?

Once we see the funds, we will email you a receipt. 

The Booking Fee

11. What happens when I pay the €100 Booking Fee?

We contact all the suppliers and confirm bookings. As soon as we have this full confirmation, we will email the Invoice, To Do list and any other relevant paperwork to you.

12. What happens if we change our minds after the €100 Booking Fee has been paid?

We advise you to only pay the Booking Fee once you are sure that you wish to go ahead. This fee is only refunded if the package is not available or if you are unahppy with the itinerary, which we must be told within 3 working days of us sending the itinerary ... otherwise it is non refundable. If you just change your minds, the fee covers the administrative cost of booking and subsequently cancelling your package.

The Balance

13. Why do we have to pay the balance 4 weeks before the hen weekend (or 2 weeks before the standaone activity)? Why can’t we just pay on the day?

Posh Fizz is given corporate rates, due to the high volume of bookings that we make with our suppliers. These rates can only be guaranteed if bookings are made well in advance. Also if you were to not show up, we would still have to pay the suppliers and well, that’s not really fair is it?!

Change in Requirements

14. What happens if I book for a certain number of people and then realise that some more or less guests wish to come?

One thing we know about hen parties is that numbers ALWAYS change! It’s not a big deal! Juts let us know as soon as you know of any amendements you need to make. If you drop to less than 10, the price will rise pp and if you book for 15+ and then drop to 14 or less, the bride will no longer be free on the Party Package. Please take note of pricing brackets on quote emails that you have received. If you think that numbers are likely to drop, tell the girls the higher amount as you can always use extra money collected for a drinks kitty!

15. What happens if some guests do not wish to stay for 2 nights, do not want to partake in a certain activity or have any other special requests?

We can provide the exact price per person, taking any special requests into account. Just let us know the breakdown! Obviously some people may not be able to make the event until after the activity / may be too shy to participate in the activity / want to do the activity but have to get home that night, etc. We are 100% flexible & will come up with a suitable price for all variations from the standard package.

16. What happens if I have paid the booking fee and then some guests do not wish to stay for 2 nights, do not want to partake in a certain activity or have any other special requests?

We will do our best to accommodate special requests after the booking has been made. The earlier you tell us of changes, the more likely it is that we will be able to help.

17. What happens if I have paid the balance and then some guests do not wish to stay for 2 nights, do not want to partake in a certain activity or have any other special requests?

We will do our best to accommodate special requests after the final payment has been made. We are unable to guarantee special requests will be met at this late stage or that there will be any refund, as it depends on our individual contracts with suppliers.

18. What happens if I book for a certain number of people and some guests drop out after the balance has been paid?

The guest who wishes to drop out will have to forfeit their payment, regardless of the circumstances. It is extremely important to note that the group is not entitled to anything from the suppliers relating to the dropout guest (e.g. extra wine at dinner, additional treatments, etc.). The only possibility for any kind of refund is in the case of death or serious illness of one of the guests or her immediate family member (parent, sibling, child or significant other). A death certificate / doctor’s note will be required in order for us to tryand get any money back from suppliers. We must be advised of death / serious illness by email at least three working days before the event & can not guarantee any refunds but we will try our best. There is no rush on getting a death cert to us, as we know it can take up to 6 weeks in many cases. However, if we are told after the party, we cannot do anything about a refund at all.

Info for Personalised Bits and Bobs

19. What is the To Do list?

This is a timeline for the list of items that you need to send us for CSI Save the Groom (Managed) and Family Fortune, We will send you templates for everything we need and none of it is required until the date that the balance is due, unless otherwise specified.

20. What happens after the balance is made?

We pay all the suppliers, send you your Receipt & Final Itinerary.


21. Can we book accommodation with you?

We have lots of accommodation options and will give you the list of options in each location. We will give you the best possible rate for your dates and you can book through us or choose to go direct. We do not sell accommodation as a standalone option.

22. Is breakfast included in our package?

If you book your accomodation via Posh Fizz, we can provide a room only or a B&B rate (where applicable).

23. What will the room breakdown be in the hotel if we book through you?

We can book singles, twins, triples or quads where available but obviously the less people in the room, the higher the price! We will request your room breakdown on your Booking Form and if your choices are unavailable, we will give you the next best option and you can decide if you wish to go ahead or not. 

24. Are transfers from our hotel included in the price?

Airport Transfers are included for the Hens in the Sun packages but with the Irish packages transfers are not included, unless specified. We do not arrange county to county buses. 

25. Can you organise any “extras” for us – e.g. Champagne in the Bride-to-be’s hotel room on arrival?

We will do our best to help with any extras that may be required. Please tell us at least 2 weeks before the weekend though! It is important to note that we do not guarantee that we will be able to help, but we will try!


26. Can we wear Hen Gear on Posh Fizz packages?

This is totally dependant on the venue and there is no “set” answer. There is generally no problem with wearing hen gear during day-time activities. Hotels, pubs, restaurants and nightclubs each have their own rules and we will advise on an individual basis.

27. Will there be a Posh Fizz Representative at our weekend?

No – you don’t want a random stranger at your hen! We will send you a full itinerary with addresses, schedule details and contact numbers. We suggest that you use Google Maps to look at distances between venues, so you can plan accordingly. And you can of course contact us over the weekend if you need us!

28. Are flights included for the Hen in the Sun packages?

No, but we do include airport transfers to and from your accommodation. Note that the transfers are based on the group arriving and departing on the same flight, or at least with similar flight times. 

29. Can we decorate the bride’s room?

Yes, but please use white-tac rather than blue-tac or sellotape and take the decorations with you when you leave please!

30. Can we book standalone activities?

Yes! Contact us for more info! We can also provide activities in your own venue even if it’s not on our list of location options!

31. What happens if something goes wrong at the hen?

Obviously you should use your common sense, but feel free to contact us by TEXT during the hen.

-  If there is something unsatisfactory about your hotel room that you have booked via Posh Fizz, please tell reception on check-in as per normal procedure.

-  If there is something unsatisfactory about your meal, please tell the wait staff at the time as per normal procedure. If the issue cannot be resolved, please text us immediately so we can help.

-  If there is a problem with the activity, please text us immediately so we can help.

-  If we do not receive a text at the time of the issue, we cannot and will not be able to solve the problem. Any complaints received on the following Monday will be taken on board but will not be investigated any further as there is literally nothing we can do to change the situation after the event.

-  If any supplier deems the group too late or too drunk to participate, they are within their rights to cancel the activity to protect themselves and their equipment. See the above Booking Terms for more info. 

Feel free to ask any additional questions or for further clarification on any of the above

If you have managed to read all of this, without falling asleep, give yourself a big pat on the back as you may be the very first to do so! The small print is important and we try to be as transparent as possible!

32. What about weird stuff that no one could ever predict? 

We have dealt with ash clouds and snow storms and of course Covid 19. We always try to be fair to our customers and if there is a lockdown which means the party can not proceed, the party can be transferred to a later date or cancelled. The €50 booking fee is non refundable, as it is used to cover administrative costs which have already occured. However, the €50 booking fee can be transferred onto a future date for the same package. Please refer to the Booking Form which you will sign for more information specifically regarding Covid 19.