Optional Upgrades


You can choose to arrange your own Accommodation (and we can just arrange the Party Package or a Standalone Activity for you). 
Or we can arrange one of our accommodation options for you and the prices have to be added on to your chosen Party Package price.
Please note that the Bride Goes Free offer does not apply to Accommodation. 
Individual Online Payments

If you still have any doubts about whether to book the hen weekend through Posh Fizz or not, this will make you whoop with joy and pick up the phone immediatly to book! Ask any bridesmaid...The worst part of the hen is collecting the money. It's a nightmare! Let's be honest, we all tend to leave it to the last minute to pay our bills. Well fear not, if you choose this option, we wil lsend you a link and you literally just input the potential guests' email addresses and they get sent a payment link! Easy peasy lemon squeezy! They will get an automated reminder every month and then it becomes more regular ocming up to the balance due date. Unfortunately we have to charge a €5 admin fee per person to do this, as what saves you a lot of work, creates a lot more for us! But we're happy to do it! None of the chicks even need to know ... just add on €5 from the start as part of the overall fee and bobs your uncle! A happy bridesmaid = a happy hen! Voila! 


Extra Activities 

Some groups want to do a second or third activity. That is absolutely no problem and some start from just €15 per person in certain locations, depending on numbers. Often the bridal party like to do some pampering on a Friday afternoon or Sunday morning and other groups like to have a drinky activity first, such as a Cocktail Class, to get everyone in good form for a second activity, such as Family Fortune or a Dance Class for example. Whatever you want, we will try our best to accomodate! 


Why not make the Bride feel super special by adding on some Personalised Memorabilia to your Party Package?


Personalised Invitations

For just €4 per person, we can send out a lovely keepsake invitation to each guest. They are sent approximately 10 days prior to hen and contain all the relevant info, e.g. hotel name, meeting point, etc. Of course the Bride's is worded a little differently to keep it a surprise! We can work with your wording! 


Photo Menus

At €3 per person, we will make up a5 laminated menus for the restaurant that we have booked for your Posh Fizz Party package. It's really simple ... just email us a couple of nice or funny photos of the bride on her own (eg at her communion or confirmation, or even as a baby in the bath!). We will print the menus with the bride's photos as the backdrop. They are laminated too! 



Send us up to 50 photos from the hen, along with captions, notes from the friends who couldn't make it, a leter from the groom, etc. This will be made after the Hen Party and we aim to have it back to you before the wedding, so you can give it to the bride as a little pressie the night before the big day! At €40 for the book, it is a lovely keepsake that she will treasure forever!