Only €50 to Book; Bride goes free

Based on 15+ Guests and nothing else to pay until 4 weeks beforehand

If you have any questions please give us a call on 087 937 0288

No more stressful deposit collecting and trying to get final numbers together in advance! All we need is €50 to make the booking and then there is nothing else to pay until 4 weeks prior to the hen weekend!

And if you have 15+ guests, the Bride goes free on the Party Package

Our prices are all standard for 10-20 guests, but we can of course look after both smaller and larger groups with different rates depending on numbers. Don’t be afraid to ask! This is what we are here for!

And remember that our Party Packages also include some awesome Customised Stuff!

Keepsake Invitations are posted out to each guest in advance of the hen. The perfect way to get uber excited in the runup to the fab weekend!

Photo Menus are made up and sent to the restaurant, using embarrassing photos of the Bride to be.

And the Hen herself receives a beautiful photobook with all the photos from the hen, complete with funny caption and notes from the girls to wish her well in married life. Guaranteed tears the night before the wedding when the bridesmaids present it to her!

FAQ / Booking Terms